About Warm greetings to the dear visitor of the site. Thank you for your interest. Here are few words that would give you some idea about me, my past and my interests. Not knowing how to approach my own profile I’ve turned to someone to do it for me. I liked the idea of something short and simple, since consider myself being minimalist. An exemplary wasn’t satisfactory. I didn’t consider that the biographer will use pronoun “she” while describing me as a person. Few rows sounded commemorative. I also recognized that I am a minimalist, but not toward words. I love and treasure words. I love to compose out of them and envy the talent of gifted authors. Words like notes of music separately or in combination allow to express our most colorful feelings in different depth, tones and hues. With only difference (from my perspective) music has to be played out loud to be a joy in its full spectrum, words though, to feel their intimacy rather to not be pronounced. Feeling that text wasn’t reflecting my personality I automatically started to rephrase sentences and caught myself on writing my own biography. Dehydrated me started to gain suppleness and go back to life. I’ve estimated the done work for two important reasons - the skeleton, I had based my work on and motivation I’ve been missing and gained.
I was born where the East meets the West, in the big multicultural capital city called Baku, located on the west shore of the Caspian Sea. I lived there at the times when Azerbaijan was one of the states of no longer existing country - USSR. All Bakunians spoke Russian, some spoke domestic and very little of us any foreign language. Absence of possibility to travel over the border made most of us reluctant in learning other languages, although foreign language was obligatory subject in our schools. I spoke only Russian. My first experience in learning languages came with first immigration. Hebrew was not only completely different from Russian, it was totally different from my virgin understanding of how most common alphabets look like and operated in words composing (Hebrew ignores vowels). I had to learn writing from right to left and reading starting from the end of a book. It was totally confusing. On new language was spent full year. After first immigration followed the second, I had to start from the beginning again. Previous language learning experience lessen the time for me to start to integrate into society. While working on language technique we, immigrants literally put our lives on hold. Faster we learn, faster we can start moving forward. English was a second language I had to learn, then was French. All that time I was a mother and a wife. I still am. I've been going through all experiences with members of my family. Those, who committed understand the amount of pressure I was going through. My mothers short, unhappy marriage brought to the world two girls with entirely different personalities. Indifferent father in reality was an authorized spermadonor and nothing more. To provide us with basic necessities mother had to work long hours for many years. Occupied with survival she did not see in me nothing, but trouble, for what I was strictly and consistently disciplined. All my talents were left unattended. Nor my singing voice, nor my artistic abilities, did not get proper development. Miracle did not happen. I, an artist by nature didn’t happen to have other guidance to help me to become who I really am. Inexperienced and ignorant child, I was taking for granted abilities given from beyond and had me not recognising a gift I have. Although I‘ve been spending most of my after school time drawing, if I wouldn’t have a good book to read, I had no considerations of dedicating myself to an artistic career. I seriously regret it now, years and several careers later. The website that I try to build is a late attempt to catch up with time I have lost... For a growing girl my wardrobe had me plenty to wish for. Not having the prospects to fill up the blanks, made me to express my desires on paper in drawings. I had a small carton box filled up with all kind of garments corresponding with late fashion, drawn and cut out of paper for my drawn and cut out of paper model. My paper doll had wardrobe that any growing girl can only dream about. Thinking back, about amount of details I had paid attention to, while designing clothes, I can easily declare myself a fashion designer. Copying someone’s work was too boring for my imaginative mind. Only bringing an inspiration to the next level kept me satisfied and held me remaining designing. Later I’ve learned pattern and decorating tricks. Constant visits to the fabric stores kept me upgraded, entertained and always inspired. Browsing through pages of the site is possible to see that Fashion Illustration is still one of my favorite topics with only difference, garments are attached to the dolls. My preferred medium for a long years was an ink pen, for a trivial reasons - accessibility, inexpensiveness and precision of lines. Preferred color is black, but if wasn’t available any other. While illustrating I would combine ink pen, simple pencil and colored pencils in order to achieve desirable result (I remember even using make-up pencils, eye and lip liners, for one of my work). For a long years my alternative aspiration as a medium was an oil paint. I had stepped over a great fear before this medium very recently. Each presented oil project was a challenge to myself. I do not have special education in art. The level of success for you to judge.
My formal education; ten years of school and four years of University. Long years filled with stress. Until now my nightmares connected to University years. By most of the professors we, students, were demanded to learn lectures by heart. I know by heart some poems, but only because I can reciprocate. Learning by heart from the textbook was a torture. I’ve been struggling and was relieved when, finally, University years could have been left in the past. Love to the classic literature saved my brain from the major damage. Later in life I did a certificate in Graphic Design at Concordia University in Montreal. Liked to study, hated to work in the field. My last attempt to educate myself for survival was diploma in Aesthetics. Still working in the field, but… Soviet Government kept population in poor wealth and hunger. But we were entertained with foreign movies in the theaters and music shows on TV. In immigration I found out that living in the closed country we were more exposed to the other cultures, then I am experiencing now, living in an open society. We had better ideas about actors, singers, writers not only national, but all over the Europe, US, India, Japan, etc… We had the most idealistic ideas of living in the other countries, distant from reality (that I’ve learned later). I blame the strict Soviet censorship, that was bringing to us the best of the best of other countries. The best movies in the theatres, the best books translated by the best Russian translators. Music festivals like “Sanremo” and “Eurovision” translated on TV. Exposure to multiple cultures taught me to be open and receptive to a “different”. I value the idea and workmanship standing behind each creation and appreciate the variety of forms of human creativity in diverse styles. I love it all, but have personal preferences. I am observant and have a sharp-eye for details.
Here I am, an Eastern European, who immigrated to Canada in the early nineties. A painter and an illustrator - an artist - with engineering background. I see beauty in many things and inspired by architecture.
I have very little time in my daily schedule to work on any of my creations, but have a great desire and hope that one day creating would be the only occupation of mine. Buy now it is my first step to a future life of creator. Summer, 2013
Toronto, Canada

All work © Sabina Frank